Manipearl's versatile sourcing capabilities focuses on all components within a garment, from fabrics, trims, to washes and finishings.
With an empasis on fabric sourcing, Manipearl's range of avaliable materials include:
All types of yard dyed, piece dyed, printed fabrics, synthetic and functional fabrics.

Compositions including:
100% Cotton
and more...

Washes and Processes including:
Garmet dyes
Acid wash
Tie Dye
Post cure wrinkle free

1) 100% Organic and fully Natural vegetable dyed fabrics in woven and knits . -Unique, 100% natural and eco friendly with GOTS certification.
2) Yarn dyes, Canvas, Twills, Voiles, Sateen, Prints, Light weight high counts, cotton chiffon
3) Cotton Silk, Jacquards, Dobbies
4) 100% Silk, Polyester and Polyester blends
5) Textures, Finishes, Coatings
6) Jersey, Rib, French terry, Fleece, Pique.